Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Rest for the Progressive

I would assuredly hate to run afoul of the Jacobin version of Godwin's Law, so let me merely say that even in the cutting-edge-fashion-obsessed, social-justice-oversaturated environment of social media, I haven't seen anyone yelping about monogamous privilege or the stirrings of a burgeoning poly-rights movement, so I suspect Freddie is just bounding excitedly down the trail with the scent of seemingly-inexorable theoretical logic, rather than a practical, felt need, filling his nose. I'm especially amused by the presumptuous, almost confrontational attitude: "Hey society! I'm some asshole with a clever idea, and I say 'Jump!'" And society's all like, "LolWUT? You expect us to ask 'How high?' Burden of proof's on YOU, buddy. YOU make the case that there's an actual pressing need for us to rearrange this particular social institution to suit your specifications. YOU prove to US that this is in OUR interest to consider. Better yet, go spend the next few decades building a poly-rights movement, and if the fad hasn't fizzled out by then, we'll talk."