Monday, December 16, 2013

Mob Rules

Poor Tauriq. Like a modern-day Diogenes with his lamp, he continues his quixotic quest for a calm, rational commentariat on the Internet. I fear that soon he'll start hallucinating visits from the ghost of Bertrand Russell just to have someone to talk to who truly gets him.


Ooh, wince. Now that's just the sort of rash statement to come back to haunt a fellow when he gets hauled before an Internet tribunal to answer for a string of thoughtcrimes.

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Brian M said...

For true joy, go to the San Francisco Chronicle This is liberal, oh so progwessive Bay Area, and it is a cesspool of racism and classism and tea party nuttery.

Or even The Atlantic magazine's urban planning portal, which is infested with Holy Warriors for Saints Ayn and Ron Paul and Pinochet!