Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ahaha. I suppose it says something regrettable about me, but though I can dispassionately observe arguments over morals, ethics, public policy, and other matters of significance without even a ripple of discontent disturbing my ataraxy, I found myself almost offended by the sheer banality of this article — I mean, wow, holy shit, "testaments not only to Twitter's power as a platform for sharing, but also to cameras' increasing ubiquity in our lives," Jesus Christ, how incredibly goddamned profound, thank god you wrote a fucking article to tell us that every idiot with opposable thumbs has a camera phone and hence people are posting a lot of pictures on Twitter.

Fits of ill-tempered pique aside, you know that feeling when you hear of a celebrity's death, and you're surprised because you'd been under the assumption they'd already been dead for years? Well, it's surprising to me that it took until now for this comic to exist. You see it, you laugh, and then you think, wait, no one else thought of this yet? You kind of assume this joke has always existed, perhaps in Platonic ideal form. I'm certainly no early adopter, but I was yearning for an end to the meta-fascination last year. Oh, I was so cute when I was young and naïve...