Monday, September 10, 2012

Lol Things Considered

So, in lieu of meaningful activism, what insignificant, slightly-race-related symbol are we pointing at and denouncing today?

NPR just wanted to ask its audience about their favorite young adult fiction. But this seemingly harmless gesture stirred up all sorts of controversy. Out of 100 books on the list, only three have non-white protagonists. Now, people are angry, or at least politely clearing their throats. Here’s the question: Who is to blame?


  1. Brian M11:01 AM

    We are all to blame. We are all GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of privelege. All of us are guilty of PRIVELEGE. Self immolation seems to be the only appropriate response.

    Now if you would just get with the A+ Program, we can cure you of this affliction!

  2. To continue the theme from several posts ago: if I wanted to go find real-life examples of the kind of progressives who think this sort of gesture counts as anti-racist, yet still support whatever it takes to keep drugs away from their kids, I'd probably start with the NPR listeners.