Sunday, September 09, 2012

Don't Try to Sell Me Your New Age Guru Troubles

I generally appreciate David's thought experiments and musings, but, uh, sometimes there's nothing you can say except facepalm, headdesk. You know, the original Pascal's Wager is generally considered a joke to anyone who thinks about it for a minute.


  1. "...your intentions and thoughts do affect the course of the universe..."
    It's quite the converse, David. And confirmation bias isn't something to "use to your advantage"; rather it is a common source of error. And Pascal's Wager requires us to follow every religion that offers salvation.
    Jeez this guy needs some smart friends to let him down gently.

  2. I remember when you said a while back that you were worried that the uncritical responses he often got from his readers would turn him into Deepthought Chopra.

  3. Oh dear. My thinking that must have made it happen.