Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Man Who Wasn't There


"We engage in all sorts of behavior to avoid others, pretending to be busy, checking phones, rummaging through bags, looking past people or falling asleep. Sometimes we even don a 'don't bother me face' or what's known as the 'hate stare'."

  • Avoid eye contact with other people
  • Sit on the aisle seat and turn on your iPod so you can pretend you can't hear people asking for the window seat
  • Look out the window with a blank stare to look crazy
  • Pretend to be asleep

"Ultimately this nonsocial behavior is due to the many frustrations of sharing a small public space together for a lengthy amount of time," concluded Kim. "Yet this deliberate disengagement is a calculated social action, which is part of a wider culture of social isolation in public spaces."

Apparently this is common behavior on a bus. Oh, but I'm the weirdo for doing those things everywhere I go?