Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is This Thing On?

Wednesday, I guess it was, I saw an ad on my Blogger dashboard telling me that for the low, low price of $15, I could go to a site that would print my entire blog up as a book, hardcover or softcover, and all I had to do was pick out the cover image. Huh, I thought, that might actually be cool, partially for the ironic vanity of it, partially because I had actually worried recently about what would happen if some sort of tech problems ever caused Blogger to go down, or caused posts to disappear. I realized that I've put a lot of time and effort into this, and I'm actually proud of a lot of it. It would be nice to have some sort of durable copy of it, even if there would be no way to include all the links.

And then Thursday, after having put up four posts, I went to start on number five, only to get a message saying Blogger was down, sorry for the inconvenience. Almost a day later, it was still coming up when I tried to sign in, and depending on when I checked the blog (which could still be read), the four Thursday posts were sometimes there, sometimes not. Friday morning, when I tried to go to the individual post URLs, I got a message saying those pages could not be found. I was ready to go on a killing spree at the thought of having to recreate them all from memory, but before I could gather all my weapons and head to Google headquarters, the issue apparently finally got sorted out. All the posts are back, but some of the comments from this week are gone, so if you want to try to repost them, go ahead.

Maybe I should think about making a book out of this thing every few months or so...