Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Shuffle

It's feeling like spring around here, so it's close enough to being time for another one of these.

  1. Maximum Balloon -- Groove Me
  2. Emiliana Torrini -- Fireheads
  3. Conjure One -- Center of the Sun
  4. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions -- Drop
  5. In Extremo -- Wessebronner Gebet
  6. Peter Gabriel -- Sledgehammer
  7. How to Destroy Angels -- BBB
  8. Supergrass -- Late in the Day
  9. Radiohead -- All I Need
  10. Steely Dan -- Black Cow
  11. Basement Jaxx -- Where's Your Head At
  12. Populous -- Bottom 02
  13. Fujiya & Miyagi -- Dishwasher
  14. The Fratellis -- Vince the Lovable Stoner
  15. Meat Puppets -- Violet Eyes
  16. Elbow -- Fallen Angel
  17. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears -- Sugarfoot
  18. The Dandy Warhols -- Insincere
  19. Goldfrapp -- Little Bird
  20. Moby -- Porcelain


  1. Brian M5:17 PM

    No deathspell Omega? You need to broaden your music, Scribler!

  2. Gotta go with what the shuffle gives me, man. Hey, why don't you get out your iPod and see what yours coughs up?

  3. I left mine on a cruise ship. But it would have coughed up some Zappa,
    Simon & Garfunkle,
    Steely Dan,
    The Dandy Warhols,
    Meat Puppets
    - a little overlap, but I don't know what you kids are listening to these days. I'll listen when I have a chance.

  4. Well I realize there's nothing there less than ten years old. I want a new "Head Like a Hole". Most new rock I hear is too whiny, though that in itself doesn't disqualify. I hear Cake is releasing a new album that might be interesting. As long as we're sharing, here's one of my all-time favs:
    (Guyana Punch is about the Jonestown massacre)