Saturday, April 17, 2010

If You Have to Ask

Like Treme itself, the show is an oasis of freedom in a sea of slavery. When Davis glimpses Elvis Costello in the audience and tries to get Kermit Ruffins to go kowtow to Elvis to get fame and fortune and a spot on an Elvis world tour, Kermit demurs. Davis demands, “All you want to do is get high, play some trumpet and barbecue in New Orleans your whole damn life?” Kermit murmurs, “That’ll work.”

I loved that scene. To add just a little more detail to it; in particular, Davis's last line:

Davis: "Goddamn, Kermit, go talk -- you deserve -- don't you wanna get famous? You deserve to be famous! America needs it some Kermit. You're -- you're just standin' there, tellin' me that all you wanna do is get high, play -- play some trumpet, and barbecue in New Orleans your whole damn life?"

Kermit: "That'll work."

Davis: "God, man, I mean -- that's just so sad."

There are many sad things in the world, but the wisdom to know when you're already happy damn sure isn't one of them.