Thursday, January 21, 2010

These Sheep Were Made for Fleecin'

Why is Vox Day telling us that Haitians don't deserve or need our money? For the same reason he beats down bitches in the dojo: for their own good.

More importantly, at what point do people begin to recognize that because sending money to Haiti is the root of the problem, it cannot be part of the solution?

[...] The earthquake is not a sign that people should begin helping Haiti. It is entirely the opposite. It is a powerful warning that people must stop trying to help Haiti. Instead, they must leave the Haitians alone to help themselves, which, of course, it is possible they may not be willing to do after decades of dependence on external support.

Hey, it hurts him more than it does them, remember. Anyway -- it's safe to say that WorldNutDaily's readers are no doubt nodding along, feeling smugly superior to those voodoo children who are too stupid and immature to be trusted with money, and too lazy to find the severed lower halves of their legs so they can start pulling up on those bootstraps.

Meanwhile, if you click through to his column, you'll be greeted by ads that promise to teach you how to build a solar panel in ONE DAY to save 99% on your power bill, and how to discover what self-defense masters and the Army DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. I'm tempted to see if refreshing the page will give me the inside scoop on how to add three inches to my equipment, make a hundred bucks an hour stuffing envelopes at home, get a master's degree online, and create a perpetual motion machine from the parts of that junked car on my front lawn. I mean, if I'm going to get that solar panel done in one day, I might as well find something to do on Sunday!

So while your initial reaction might have been to gasp in shock that anyone could be so heartless toward victims of a horrific natural disaster, I think it's far more understandable when you realize that these people have probably already given tons of money to Nigerian princes-in-exile; in fact, that's probably where they developed a suspicion about foreign black people supposedly needing money to begin with.


  1. I think its sweet that so many people want to help haiti (quit gagging TVS, you know I can tell) It brought a tear to my eye, all those celebrities saying that they'll be there for haiti, long after media attention has passed. (sniffle)So, anyway, I've been too lazy to check my memory, but hasn't haiti been suffering from a rice famine for the last five years while wealthy land owners sell cash crops and everybody imports their food? And doesn't the average Haitian live on like, 1/3c rice a day and sell their children into indentured servitude in order to ensure they get fed?
    (Saw it on discovery channel last year) Assuming, this is all true, um, how many other countries in similar dire straits are being ignored? I'm just saying...

  2. Well, since you're going to check out Bruno, you'll probably also enjoy the scene where he consults Hollywood people on which charities are really cool right now, which ones will help raise his profile if he associates with them. They all seem to agree that Darfur is, like, the "in" issue right now.

    Oh well. At least every dollar they donate to charity is one less for them to spend on tricked-out Escalades and plastic surgery.