Monday, August 31, 2009

Sisyphus Minus the Self-Awareness

The "Democrat" lever gives a nasty shock yet again

It's a good thing Pavlov was working with dogs and not liberals progressives, or he would have had a nervous breakdown.

It's one thing for shrill bloggers like us to point out that DLC corporate politics are poisoning the Democratic agenda and that the national security hawks are once again taking a promising Democratic president down the garden path. It's quite another for a mainstream liberal of impeccable credentials and strong moral authority like Bill Moyers to say it so plainly on national TV.

DLC corporate politics and the Democratic agenda are two different things? Huh.

Maybe it's linked to all the emotion over Ted Kennedy's death, but the nostalgic longing for an honorable Democratic hero is really getting embarrassing here. Maybe it's just that I was too busy rolling my eyes at Moyers' insistence on the honorable intentions of JFK & LBJ in Vietnam to get all verklempt over his impeccable credentials and strong moral authority. But once again, we see liberals progressives pin so many hopes on seeing their rhetorical themes validated by the MSM they claim to hate so much. I wonder what conclusions they'll draw when Moyers' words have no discernable effect on anything...

Anyway, I'm too lazy to go dig up particular lines from Obama's speeches that show he can swing a star-spangled dick just as well as anyone, so I'll just say this: call me cynical, but I don't think the guy who hinted at attacking targets in Pakistan (at least he did keep that promise) needed any coaxing from "national security hawks" to consider escalating military operations there.