Thursday, October 09, 2008

Freeze-Dried Fascist

Barry Crimmins brightens my day with his evisceration of Mooselini. Not only does he dispose of her attempt to conflate foreign imperialism with domestic freedom, but he even treats her passive-aggressive, hypocritical Christian (hypochristian?) rhetoric with the open contempt it deserves! I love this man.

The whole idea that the last half-century of American military adventures have had the slightest fucking thing to do with your right to free speech is a myth that is long overdue for the rubbish heap. Unfortunately, I hear the same sort of thing from liberals as well, desperate to avoid being suspected of insufficient genuflection before The Troops

The rights that our friends on the political right are so fond of praising rhetorically (while eliminating in actual practice) were obtained through legislation and the courts, often after decades-long movements of social activism, not won on a battlefield. And last I checked, the people most interested in taking those rights away weren't swarthy foreigners, but the very same homegrown reactionaries who think the best way to show your love of freedom is to voluntarily hand it all over to a Dear Leader for safekeeping. But hey, we can still buy shitty Chinese fireworks every July!

(Another classic post on this topic from Dennis Perrin.)